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Dr.Y.Nayudamma Yarlagadda

In Dr.Y.Nayudamma Yarlagadda, we always witness amalgamation of knowledge, hardwork, innovation, compassion and a host of other virtues. Indeed his achievements in , and contributions to the field of Pediatric Surgery over a period of three decades have conferred splendid benefits on the contemporary society in saving the lives of thousands of sick children. “Dr.Nayudamma garu” is now a household name in Andhra Pradesh. His perfection of surgical skills and care for human values, his commitment to excellence and continuous zeal for dexterity, his qualities of leadership and his utmost humility have always been pre- eminent and peerless.

Dr.Y.Nayudamma Yarlagadda was born on 1st June,1947 in Karamchedu of Prakasam District, A.P. He graduated in Medicine in 1970 from Guntur Medical College, acquired the degree of Master of Surgery in General Surgery in 1974 from Rohtak Medical College, specialized in Paediatric Surgery and obtained the degree of M.Ch. in 1977 from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. He held various offices including Vice Principal of Guntur Medical College, Guntur.

Over the years, Prof. Nayudamma has proved to be an exceptional votary of the surgical problems afflicting children. He mastered the principles of causation, evaluation, and alleviation of these drivers and intriguing problems. It is no wonder that has become the beloved doctor of thousands of children ad a beloved teacher and mentor of several hundreds of medical students, undergraduates and Post graduates.

Prof. Nayudamma's contribution to the subject of twins and their problems is both outstanding and superlative. Medical science considers twins as messengers of scientific knowledge. Twinning not only provokes curiosity but also provides challenges. The twin centres located in many western countries have done pioneer studies in the understanding of the biology and pathology of the problem.

Conjoined twins (sometimes called Siamese Twins) is a rare condition. The occurrence of these twins is in the range of 1 in 50,000 to I in 2,00,000 births. 40% of the conjoined twins are still born and another 35% die soon after birth. A small fraction of Conjoined Twins survives. They face a large number of problems with regard to movement, nutrition and many physiological functions.

Prof. Nayudamma has hit the headlines in the National Press and Media when he successfully separated three sets of Conjoined Twins, the only surgeon to do so in the country, may be in the world. These babies are firmly united a different points of body anatomy. Their separation is a task which can be described as marathon and stupendous.

He successfully separated various fusions like Craniopagus (1992) which is the only one in entire South East Asia, Xiphi Omphalopagus (1993) and Ischiopagus Tetrapus (2002). Four more cases of conjoined twins were also studied by Prof. Nayudamma. Successful separation of 3 sets of conjoined twins has set a world record. This is a surgical marvel. The medical profession in India is exceptionally joyful that a significant medical event of international importance has been accomplished in India. Prof. Nayudamma has scaled new heights and lifted the medical banner of India to a prestigious zenith. He deserves a full meed of encomiums. Another set of Conjoined Twins (Craniopagus) is understudy, the first state of surgery being accomplished in Dec’2004.

An achievement of this magnitude needs careful planning, sagacity, good team work and an excellent post operative care. Prof. Nayudamma countered many obstacles. He worked against the odds in a remote place like Guntur. He never deviated from the path of determination . He set an example to others.

Prof. Nayudamma has conducted pioneering studies on many problems and published papers in journals of repute. He conducted original work on Fate of Free Venousgraft as a replacement for urethra, undescended testis. Subdural hygroma, Hydrocephalus, Electrical burns in children, Hydatid disease, Upper urinary tract obstruction and Mesenteric cysts in children.

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