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Xiphi-Omphalo-Ischiopagus – VANI – RANI(1992) fused at chest, abdomen and pelvis. They died before being operated. They were autopsied and studied.
Xiphi-Omphalo Ischipoagus – (1998) Stillborn – Dissected and Documented.
Thoraco-pagus (Nov. 2002) Lived for 20 hrs. after birth. They were admitted in Children’s Surgical ward and were resuscitated, but within 10 hrs. of admission,they died. These twins were also autopsied & documented.
Xiphi-omphalo-ischeopagus Bipus – Born on 14th January 2004 at District Hospital, Eluru after a caesarean section delivery. Before they could be transferred to Pediatric Surgical Unit at GGH, Guntur, they died. The present author went there and brought the dead babies and studied them thoroughly after autopsy.
Another case that interested the public as well as the scientific community was Surgery on duplication of stomodium.

This child was followed as an outpatient since 6 months of age and was thoroughly planned with all investigations and studies.

She was finally operated in December,1995 with good cosmetic and functional result. He is the first Surgeon in the country to plan and execute surgical procedure for such rare congenital anamoly.
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